The Selective Mutism. Resource manual

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The Selective Mutism. Resource manual

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This unique manual emphasises practical assessment and treatment, advice and information, filling a significant gap in the availability of suitable resources in this field. The approach is based on behavioural principles and a hierarchy of stages of confident speaking originally conceived by Anthony Glassberg.

Starts with a summary of the literature and theory, followed by detailed ideas on assessment and management, with accompanying material that can be photocopied. Case examples and a discussion about progress, transfer and discharge are included.

Frequently asked questions; General assessment considerations and implications; Preliminary investigation; Child interview and assessment; Creating the right environment: advice for home and school; General treatment considerations; Overview of the treatment progression; A structured treatment programme; Eliciting speech for the first time/Generalising speech across people and settings/Effective practice; Parent and teacher support; Letting go; Illustrations of intervention.