Working with Dysphagia LOPPUERÄ POISTOHINTAAN 39.90€ (norm. 52€)

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Working with Dysphagia LOPPUERÄ POISTOHINTAAN 39.90€ (norm. 52€)

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This timely and practical text will be of enormous comfort to all clinicians working with dysphagia and is suitable for those involved in a range of settings and a diversity of client groups including those with acquired neurological disorders and learning difficulties. With its perspective on everyday practice, this volume fills a gap in an area where practical and workable material is much sought after.


The normal swallow; Respiration & aspiration; Introduction to assessment; Subjective assessment; Objective assessment; General issues in management; Oral stage management; Pharyngeal stage management; Tracheotomies & ventilators; Nutrition & hydration; Legal & professional issues; Health & safety; Making ethical decisions; Training other professionals

About the authors

Lizzy Marks is a Principal Speech & Language Therapist, Neurological Disorders at the University College London Hospital Trust, based at the Middlesex Hospital, which includes centres of excellence for the treatment of Parkinson's disease and AIDS. She lectures nationally on speech & language therapy for people with Parkinson's disease.